Monday, February 27, 2012

Moses the Triathlete...

PHEW....long time no blog!
Time to get a little used to this writing and reflecting thingy.
Been a busy girl...worky worky, Getting focused, and trying to look ahead to this Run Across America thing. More to come on that. As I prepared for my spin class last week I came across an awesome little article. Good timing with the beginning of Lent, and all that silly stuff....
and we come to, dum da da dum...


Really? But I thought this was awesome. They not only apply to training for a race, or training for a triathlon, or for cycling...but for any aspect of preparation in life.  So just wanted to share it here, and have a place to look back, remember them and all that good stuff. Here they are!

1. Train Moderately

2. Train Consistently

3. Get Adequate Rest

4. Train With a Plan

5. Train With Groups

6. Plan to Peak

7. Improve Weaknesses

8. Trust Your Training

9. Listen to Your Body

10. Commit to Goals

Sounds pretty easy right?? Take what you will...some are better than others...but I think they are good points to remember when we are in the midst of prepping ourselves for our next race, or just setting any bit of fitness goals! Good stuff! And back to the laboratory I gooooo! PEACE OUT.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Meggers blog...entry numero uno!

Haha...BLOG? Meg is gonna blog. Here goes nuttin.

So the title:  "Nut up or Shut up."

Pretty much the theme of my life. Yes, I stole it from Zombieland. But, its been my motto ever since. Whether facing sketchy conditions out on my kiteboard, a training run that I'm five miles into and feel like crap, or up at Johns Hopkins facing another Oncologist appointment alone and I want to run and's a statement that reverberates in my head relentlessly. NUT UP or SHUT UP Meg. So, thus the title of my blog. It gets me thru a lot of things.

So I really dont know what to write about here....Im on quite a journey these days. Embracing what comes my way.... and more than anything I want to use this to journal some days that are so exhilarating, some days that completely suck..and some really funny moments and fun times in-between. Don't know who I'll be sharing this with. Might just be me. Either way, hope its fun. Or funny...or something like that.

Here goes nothing! Welcome to meggers bloggity blog. Vrooom. Charging we goooo! Ooh...just noticed I can attach links, photos and video. This is gonna be fun! :)

Here we gooo......