Monday, March 31, 2014

Stretch the comfort zone, take on challenges, and HAVE FUN!

"If you are never scared, embarrassed, or hurt, it means you never take chances."
I got the opportunity to head north to Boston this weekend and compete in the TriMania expo triathlon competition with a few of my Rev3 teammates. It was a great early-season experience to get out there and have some fun with great people, doing what we love to do! The day began with a campus race, a swim-relay and ended with an indoor bike TT. What amazed me was the intensity these people had…not just at this simple expo, but in MARCH, so early in the year. We vowed to be the team that had the most FUN, and it’s obvious here:

We proudly represented Revolution Three Triathlon, and had so much fun doing it! I love our team, and so honored to be a part of it. I was able to take a step back from all of this and digest the times, the intensity and realize where I am in my training. After talking to some others about it, it’s great to do these early season events to see where you are in your training. They are great measures of fitness, comfort zones, and your outlook on the season ahead. Triathlon can be overwhelming at times and a great balance of personal life and training schedule. This was a good weekend for me to have fun, and press that reset button as I think ahead to my 2014 race season. Time to push that comfort zone, take on some new challenges, and definitely have some FUN!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Happy Bubbles!

Sometimes I think we all get to the point where we feel like we need a good coating of bubble wrap…to protect us from life’s injuries. The mental ones, the physical ones, our latest family crisis, issues at work and the scary stuff in life that happens as we get older. It just gets crazy! Who came along and popped our happy childhood naive bubble and made reality happen. It could have been your first goldfish that died? Or when you didn’t make the football team? Then comes the big ones. Cancer, car accidents, heart breaks. Reality bites!

Recently I’ve had some friends and family hit me with some pretty tough things, one after the next…ailments, sudden deaths, sad stories..and it made me think about how we cope with these tough times in life. I think its important to have a sport, an activity, a hobby…something that takes you to that ‘happy bubble’. Even if just for a few minutes, an hour, a can let go of the cares and the stresses and release to that moment. I think it’s therapy and great to have an outlet. I find I have  a few places I go to for that ‘bubble’…triathlon, racing, running…but my most favorite is Kiteboarding. There is nothing like using the wind to ride on top of the ocean, feeling so empowered and free. I think nothing of my life, of the stresses…I sing a song, I jump, I laugh at myself, I crash..or I have to focus on not getting carried away. But, it pretty much rocks, and I’m stoked to be out there with my friends. So, find yourself a “bubble” that takes you back. We all need it in this crazy, messed up adult world… so we can always be a carefree kid, at least for a little bit.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Being weak can actually be the key to becoming strong.

"An obstacle may be either a stepping stone or a stumbling block."

We've all had those weak moments...where you just want to crumble. Cry. Run and hide. I've been there, too many times. This weekend, I am being honored at the Ulman Cancer Fund's "Blue Jeans (&Bowties) Ball" with the Young Adult Fight Award. It has made me reflect on a weak moment that happened in my life just about 4 years ago, and I think about how that moment has made me such a strong person. You see, I got that "survivor" stamp that day in January..the one that put me in a category that has become part of our society, way too familiar to people in this lifetime. I have an oncologist, get quarterly screenings, have those horrible fears of it coming back. But I will repeatedly say this, we are all survivors in some way or form. And I think this is true for many reasons, whether it be an illness, a divorce, a job loss or another hardship. Somehow, life hands us a weak moment and in turn we get strong because of it. We face adversity with a smile, or fearlessness, or courage. It makes us stronger in the end, and we learn so much about ourselves.
I won't say that cancer is a good thing, but I will say it has brought incredible challenges to my life, wonderful friendships, and incredible opportunities that I will forever be grateful for. It has indeed made me a stronger person and in a strange way, I'm glad it came my way. I've always been that glass-half full person, cancer or not.