Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Happy Bubbles!

Sometimes I think we all get to the point where we feel like we need a good coating of bubble wrap…to protect us from life’s injuries. The mental ones, the physical ones, our latest family crisis, issues at work and the scary stuff in life that happens as we get older. It just gets crazy! Who came along and popped our happy childhood naive bubble and made reality happen. It could have been your first goldfish that died? Or when you didn’t make the football team? Then comes the big ones. Cancer, car accidents, heart breaks. Reality bites!

Recently I’ve had some friends and family hit me with some pretty tough things, one after the next…ailments, sudden deaths, sad stories..and it made me think about how we cope with these tough times in life. I think its important to have a sport, an activity, a hobby…something that takes you to that ‘happy bubble’. Even if just for a few minutes, an hour, a can let go of the cares and the stresses and release to that moment. I think it’s therapy and great to have an outlet. I find I have  a few places I go to for that ‘bubble’…triathlon, racing, running…but my most favorite is Kiteboarding. There is nothing like using the wind to ride on top of the ocean, feeling so empowered and free. I think nothing of my life, of the stresses…I sing a song, I jump, I laugh at myself, I crash..or I have to focus on not getting carried away. But, it pretty much rocks, and I’m stoked to be out there with my friends. So, find yourself a “bubble” that takes you back. We all need it in this crazy, messed up adult world… so we can always be a carefree kid, at least for a little bit.

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