Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Being weak can actually be the key to becoming strong.

"An obstacle may be either a stepping stone or a stumbling block."

We've all had those weak moments...where you just want to crumble. Cry. Run and hide. I've been there, too many times. This weekend, I am being honored at the Ulman Cancer Fund's "Blue Jeans (&Bowties) Ball" with the Young Adult Fight Award. It has made me reflect on a weak moment that happened in my life just about 4 years ago, and I think about how that moment has made me such a strong person. You see, I got that "survivor" stamp that day in January..the one that put me in a category that has become part of our society, way too familiar to people in this lifetime. I have an oncologist, get quarterly screenings, have those horrible fears of it coming back. But I will repeatedly say this, we are all survivors in some way or form. And I think this is true for many reasons, whether it be an illness, a divorce, a job loss or another hardship. Somehow, life hands us a weak moment and in turn we get strong because of it. We face adversity with a smile, or fearlessness, or courage. It makes us stronger in the end, and we learn so much about ourselves.
I won't say that cancer is a good thing, but I will say it has brought incredible challenges to my life, wonderful friendships, and incredible opportunities that I will forever be grateful for. It has indeed made me a stronger person and in a strange way, I'm glad it came my way. I've always been that glass-half full person, cancer or not.

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