Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Why I Run....

All packed up! Getting super pumped for this epic journey out west. OH MY GOSH. This is going to be an experience I will never ever forget. So very excited. Last training run last night. Wasnt the best, but my legs feel good. Im headed to teach my last cycling class tonight...easy on the legs Meggers!!!

Ive been meaning to post this video that Brian and I shot a few weeks back. We made this for lots of reasons. This one hear is mostly for this Run Across America with Rev3. Tough for me to make it, lots of edits. Haa...just kidding. Im silly, but its the truth. Reality hits here when I watch myself talk about my diagnosis, the hard parts of cancer...and then the wonderful things that UCF has brought to my life, and moving forward, this incredible partnership with Rev3 and outstanding feats such as this awareness campaign all of us are taking part in by hoofing it across this huge nation. WOW!

So check out our map, and this uber cool video of yours truly!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Run Forrest Run!

As I begin to pack this evening for my Run Across America, this video comes to mind. And I know for sure, I will feel like this at some point this weekend....Bahahhaah!!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Patient #314

It's my party and I blog if I want to! Haha. Sitting here in clinic at Johns Hopkins University at my every 3 months check up... And always waiting and waiting. So thought it would be a good time to write. It's a beautiful day today... Already stopped by work, started up the lab. Left plenty of time, but managed to get into terrible traffic on my way here and ended up in tears in my car. Somehow these appointments always get me stressed no matter how prepared I am for them. The littlest things just set me off... Even if I'm late for an appointment I will sit an hour for, I still manage to get upset! Go figure!

I've exhausted every app on my iPhone to keep me busy, so I will write here and next turn to some planning for next weeks Cancer to 5K practice! On to more positive things. Need to stay busy in the next few weeks as I wait for these results. Lots of good things on the horizon! St.patricks day this weekend, more training, Cancer to 5k kick off, and less than 2 weeks to the run across America! Boom!!

As I look around the waiting room at those waiting to see the oncologist as well, I find myself lucky... And will remain positive. Everyone's journey is different and I'm definitely not given anything I can't handle. Gonna face this visit with a smile. Here we go!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Lucky in Life!!

I've been waiting a long time to meet a certain little person and I finally got the chance today! Four weeks ago today, Sean Jr was born to my dear friends Tressa and Sean, and today was my chance to lay my eyes on this precious little nugget!! Not only is he blessed with the most awesome parents, beautiful eyes, and a super cool Mohawk, but he is also blessed with an extra chromosome...Downs Syndrome. This wasn't known until after birth, as all tests were negative durning pregnancy! Almost like hitting the lottery... Less than a 5%chance for this to even occur.

I admire the positive attitude of my friends and I'm so proud of them... Nobody ever expects these things to happen, much as with any serious diagnosis or health condition. As with my cancer diagnosis, the initial shock can be a huge weight to bear...but with time gets easier. The strange part is that I can honestly say I've embraced so much of this illness and glad its changed my life. It's brought so much goodness, despite the negative impact I thought all the surgeries and treatments would bring.

I know little Sean will to be faced with challenges, as we all are in life. But with that beautiful little face, and so much love surrounding him... The odds are in his favor. He truly is blessed, and so lucky in life! Welcome to the world Sean Jr!