Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Three things I'm stoked about...

  1. Live in the Sunshine
  2. Swim in the Sea
  3. Drink the wild air
I love this quote by Mr. Emerson, and will write this last day of the year about this “triathlon” of life. I can relate EVERYTHING in my world to sunshine, the ocean and the wind… hells yea. So on this last, cold, blustery day of the year…all I can do is think about summertime, and being somewhere with the wind in my kite, the sun on my face, or yeah..even in the middle of a hot triathlon, sweatin’ my ass off. 
Most of us are reflecting on December 31st.. on a year gone by..things they did or didn’t do. Friends they said goodbye to, loves they lost. New one’s they made! A great job they landed, or a new family member that was added. Maybe they accomplished something they never thought they would ever do, or suffered an ailment they never thought would happen. One thing that I know is true on my 36th year, is that life is a rodeo. A rollercoaster. A ride you get on, and never know where it’s headed. It might be full of joy one minute, and heartache the next…Its surprise, sickness, joy, turmoil, and freakin’ fun! But no matter what, if you surround yourself with incredibly awesome friends and good positive people…it becomes these three things I mention above. Sunshiney days, a sea of laughter to swim, and the fresh air to drink in! So I’m grateful for this triathlon of life! Here’s to a rockin’ new year with these awesomely good people in my life. 

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