Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Haven't taken the time to write in a while. Been a little busy....training...training...training....RACE, RACE, RACE....haha. Its been one incredibly busy spring. Easy to forget little things like a blog. But I will take a few moments to reflect, and write.

My race season this year began at Columbia Tri at the end of May with a great PR. Took 30 minutes off last years time, with an incredible bike time...really fun, beautiful weather, and fantastic Team Fight show of over 50 racers. Incredible awareness out there. Next up, Rev3 Quassy weekend of June 2nd. This was an incredible opportunity, not only to volunteer and work the race, represent Team Fight, but to race the Olympic on Saturday and be interviewed and followed by a team of cameras. Huge highlight on my story and UCF to be later aired in the Rev3 series TV production....really exciting experience for me. Completely humbling, and such a fun way to share my story and inspire others. Thank goodness I had practice with B doing our little films up at UCF ...being silly is my favorite. This time I had to be serious for the 4 person camera crew. BANG! Last up, following weekend was the uber-hot, mega long Eagleman 70.3. Rocked it out in 95 degree sauna conditions. Finished like a champ.... back to back to back tri-fecta of races. Time to reflect, and relax....and head to the ocean to cool off and enjoy the accomplishment!!

After the racing, it was also time to head back to Johns Hopkins for another follow up Oncologist appointment. I was lucky enough to train and race in-between follow-ups. A time to find peace, and thankfulness....for my health, and ability to be strong! Im ever so grateful for those breaks. So, I pull it together and head back up. As I write this, I tear up....for I just got my test results back YESTERDAY...and they were clear again. Im great for yet another three months. Such relief. The way a phone call can change your day. Your week, your three months. I used to get calls that would just break me....this one yesterday was not that type of call. So I have so much hope, and will continue to push, and keep my glass half-full as always! :)

I have to also write about the way life can change in an instant...just when you think things couldnt get any worse, or tougher, the sun shines on you so bright....and the most wonderous things come your way. So grateful for the way life works :) Im talking about you puppies...

Here's the video edit....came out amazing. Watch out, this little lucky duck is moving and shaking....and will continue to fight like hell. BOOM!


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