Monday, April 2, 2012

Miles of Smiles

When people take something they are passionate about, and put that energy towards a great cause, something so meaningful... Amazing things happen. I just spent my last three days with the most dedicated, passionate, giving and crazy fun people who are giving up their time and energy ( and legs!!!) to raise awareness and funding for young adults with cancer. It's hard to not be emotional as I write this, for I have met incredible people, and it's very special to me...not ready to leave the run, no matter how tired my legs are!

Not only did I come here to inspire the runners and share my story, but I came here to use these legs!! I jumped off the plane in AZ in the middle of the night and cranked out 13.5 miles on the midnight shift. And I did it with a smile!! There is no better way to face the hills, the pain, and the tiredness. We are all 'survivors' out on the roads in the RAA. What you don't know about this run is the exhaustion these runners face, and the ever-changing conditions: night, day, altitude, hills, dirt, rocks, temperatures to name a few! Until you are out there running and logging the miles, you have no idea of the dedication, passion and love these people brings me to tears over and over to think that they are doing this for survivors like me, young adults that are just being diagnosed, and those fighting for their lives. Truly IS all about the people.
Cancer has changed my life. I will cherish the fact that my positive attitude, strength and support from others has helped me through the fight. Just like these runs, in life, we never know whats around the corner, or on the other side of the hill. Facing it with strength, courage, smiles, and a positive attitude makes the tough times, or cancer diagnosis, much easier. I'm just thrilled to be able to inspire others, bring awareness and be part of incredible events like this . Charlie and the Rev3 gang are making their mark in the fight against cancer...follow this incredible journey we are all making. It's 3,080 miles of smiles!

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